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The Ministry of Outreach strives to support advocacy and action-based community involvement in our city and in our world. We have worked to narrow our focus to a few initiatives in order to maximize our impact in our community. Those focuses are:

  • Housing Initiatives - Through our housing initiatives, we seek to address homelessness and the growing affordable housing concerns in Charlotte.
  • Educational Initiatives - Through our educational initiatives, we seek to address the learning disparities present in school-aged children across the city.
  • Overcoming Marginalization Initiatives - Through our overcoming marginalization initiatives, we seek to address the ongoing need for inclusive services for LGBTQ+ people, holistic care for those reentering society following incarceration, and the humane support of migrant people.

We have reorganized our grant process to a 3-year commitment. Our intention is to spend more time visiting our partners to learn more about our partnerships, including seeing the facility first-hand, meeting the staff, and learning how we can better engage with our volunteers to assist them with their mission.




Mayfield Memorial Community Development 

Mission: The Mayfield Memorial Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization, chartered in 2016, that uses mixed-income housing as a foundation for equity and healing in the Hidden Valley Community. 

Our Commitment: Mayfield Memorial Community Development Corporation held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new affordable housing units in Hidden Valley on Saturday, April 23, 2022. Learn more about the Groundbreaking ceremony. 

To learn more about the Mayfield Memorial Community Development Corporation, click here. 

Charlotte Family Housing

Mission: The Charlotte Family Housing organization seeks to empower working families experiencing homelessness to achieve life-long self-sufficiency through shelter, housing, supportive services, and advocacy. 

Our Commitment:Through our financial contribution, we will help provide wrap around supportive services for each family, addressing barriers to family stability and facilitating pathways to financial literacy, education, health and wellness, and job readiness. 

To learn more about Charlotte Family Housing, click here.

Charlotte Samaritan House

Mission: To provide a place of recuperative care for people who are homeless and in need of short-term care following a hospital or emergency room stay. Although established with a Christian worldview, Samaritan House is operated as an inclusive place of healing and hospitality for all persons. 

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, we will help provide nutritious food, a quiet atmosphere, assistance obtaining medications, and transportation to and from doctor's appointments and other homeless services in Mecklenburg County. 

To learn more about Charlotte Samaritan House, click here. 

Habitat for humanity

Mission: To put God's love into action, bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. 

Our Commitment: 1983, Myers Park Baptist Church was one of seven Charlotte churches -- the "Jeremiah Seven" -- responsible for founding Habitat Charlotte. Through our financial contribution, we will help tackle the task of finding affordable housing solutions for low-income families and pour into renovation projects that will help make homes more inhabitable. 

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity, click here

QC Family Tree

Mission: To cultivate community for the common good in Charlotte. QC Family Tree also aims to provide affordable, quality homes for neighbors, and to organize for better, more affordable neighborhoods. 

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, we will support the Youth Leadership Development project, and offset rent costs (in 5 apartments and 2 houses) for those living in at the 30-40% Area Median Income. 

To learn more about QC Family Tree, click here

Roof Above (Formerly urban ministry center)

Mission: To bring the community together to end homelessness, one life at a time. 

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, we will play a critical role in meeting the immediate and basic needs of those who are experiencing homelessness. This supports the Soup Kitchen, the Men's Shelter and the Overflow Shelter, and the coordination of the emergency winter shelter program, Room in the Inn, for which we have been a partner site for 24 years. 

To learn more about Roof Above, click here

Supportive Housing Communities

Mission: To provide affordable housing to alleviate homelessness and human suffering. SHC also aims to develop and operate permanent supportive housing for people overcoming homelessness, especially veterans and those with mental illness, substance abuse, and medical or other disabling conditions. 

Our Commitment: Myers Park Baptist gave a gift of over $80,000 in 2018 to support the mission and vision of SHC. Through our continual financial contribution, we will continue addressing the housing crisis in Charlotte. 

To learn more about Supportive Housing Communities, click here. 

YWCA - Women in Transition (WIT) program

Mission: To provide safe, affordable, transitional housing and intensive support services for single unaccompanied women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. WIT is not an emergency shelter but offers a month-to-month lease where participants pay rent and stay up to a maximum of 18 months. 

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, we will support both WIT--serving up to 66 women every day--and Families Together (FT), a program that serves 55-80 families annually with children experiencing homelessness. 

To learn more about the YWCA's Women in Transition Program, click here




Charlotte Bilingual Preschool

Mission: To prepare Spanish-speaking children for success in school and life by providing superior dual-language early childhood education. The preschool supports students' families with parenting, life skills, and English-language classes, enabling them to sustain and nurture their children's educational and emotional development. 

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, we will support the Preschool Program, the Green Room pilot--an extension of the Preschool that integrates students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds to facilitate the flow of social capital and accelerate language acquisition--, the Family Program, and Creciendo Junto--a 10-week early intervention class for parents alongside infants and toddlers. 

To learn more about the Charlotte Bilingual Preschool, click here. 

Circle de Luz

Mission: To radically empower young Latinas by supporting their transformation through extensive mentoring, holistic programming, and scholarship funds for further education. During the six years of the program, Circle de Luz provides holistic programming guided by a complex developmental model and thoughtful group and individual mentoring, supporting academic readiness, career awareness, college preparation, personal growth, and community engagement. 

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, we will sponsor 1 new Hija (daughter/mentee) per year. Once she completes the 6-year program--thus, graduating from high school--the initial contribution will be used as a scholarship toward her college expenses. 

To learn more about Circle de Luz, click here. 

Freedom School at Pinewood Elementary

Mission: To promote the long-term success of children by preventing summer learning loss through igniting a passion for reading and inspiring a love of learning. 

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, this 6-week program, staffed by trained college interns and enriched by a strong volunteer base, will help bridge the summer learning gap that often occurs for children of low-income families. This fun, multi-generational opportunity to serve promises to leave a lasting impression on children, families, the volunteers involved long after summer ends. 

To learn more about the Freedom School at Pinewood Elementary, click here


Mission: To ignite students' potential by expanding their confidence, connections, and horizons. This is achieved through summer camps, year-round enrichment programs, and mentor relationships for self-motivated, underserved students. Every child, regardless of zip code, as access to transformative life experiences through camp, mentorship, and educational opportunities. 

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, we will help address the academic and social capital gaps ivy including love-income children in a multi-year program centered around summer camp and mentoring. This will increase academic achievement and reduce learning disparities fro the scholars, particularly those who live below the poverty line. 

To learn more about Wayfinders, click here

Overcoming Marginalization



Center for Community Transitions

Mission: To help people with criminal records and their families find healthier and more productive ways of living through a) Family Support b) Reentry Support c) Community Advocacy.

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution to their Lifeworks Program, the Center for Community Transitions will be able to provide individuals with criminal records a variety of resources and tools necessary to reach their professional and personal goals.

To learn more about Overcoming Marginalization, click here.

NC MedAssist

Mission: To provide access to lifesaving prescription medications, patient support, advocacy and related services to vulnerable and uninsured North Carolina residents. MedAssist also aims to ensure that no eligible person in North Carolina has to choose between purchasing food or their needed medication.

Our Commitment: Through our financial contribution, we will help support the Transitional Jobs Program—started in 2018—that helps those with barriers to employment improve their economic mobility and maintain their health. The program operates the Over-the-Counter store which provides medication to the clinic and many patients, both uninsured and those on Medicaid.

To learn more about NC MedAssist, click here.

Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN)

Mission: To empower persons living with HIV and those at risk to be healthy and stigma free. RAIN envisions ending HIV in our community.

Our Commitment: RAIN was founded in 1992 by Myers Park Baptist Church member, Reverend Debbie Warren, who continues to serve as the President and CEO. Through our financial contribution, RAIN will be able to fund Medical Case Management and the Empowering Positive Youth (EPY) program.

To learn more about RAIN, click here

Restorative Justice CLT

Mission: Restorative Justice CLT seeks to enact transparent, accountable, and sustainable projects to redress the history of discriminatory practices and policies in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. We strongly believe in the healing and restoration that must occur to redress the legacy of injustice done to Black Charlotteans.

Our Commitment: We are committed to dismantling racism and denouncing white supremacy. In May, we began a partnership with Restorative Justice CLT and the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice for a Call to Action that addresses the ways that institutional power in Charlotte has had its knee on the neck of African Americans tracing from slavery, to the destruction of the Brooklyn neighborhood, to the gentrification of black and brown communities today. With a founding gift of $20,000 to support this reparative initiative, granted by the Ministry of Outreach, Myers Park Baptist Church marks its participation in the decolonizing of wealth and the dismantling of racism by redistributing our resources.

To learn more about Restorative Justice CLT, click here

Time Out Youth (TOY) 

Mission: To inspire inclusive communities where all youth are equally empowered to reach their true potential. TOY also aims to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth by offering vital programs, fostering unconditional acceptance, and creating safe spaces for self-expression through leadership, community support and advocacy.

Our Commitment: Myers Park Baptist made a $100,000 investment in TOY’s housing program, allowing them to begin expanding their housing services for LGBTQ youth experiencing crisis and homelessness. Through our continual financial contribution, TOY will be able to fortify and expand their mental health services to provide free individual therapy, couples and family counseling, and teletherapy. 

To learn more about TOY, click here



Would your organization like to apply for a 3-year partnership with our congregation? We have reorganized our grant process to a 3-year commitment. Our intention is to spend more time visiting our partners to learn more about our partnerships, including seeing the facility first-hand, meeting the staff, and learning how we can better engage with our volunteers to assist them with their mission.